Montessori Certification


Under funding from the EOCP in association with St. Nicholas Montessori Society of Ireland structures have been put in place to support and advise Montessori Pre-school providers, with a view to developing standards and quality provision nationally.

Diversity of choice in the type of pre-school service you as a parent choose for your child is essential and if your preference is for a Montessori Pre-school you need to be confident that what you pay for has credibility and quality. When a provider offers a Montessori pre-school service they should have a Certificate of approved quality standards for the Montessori Environment from a recognised Montessori Organisation. As the Montessori method of educating the preschool child requires particular materials and training, it is essential that parents look for appropriate credentials.

The EOCP Montessori Ireland Certificate is one such standard that parents can look for when viewing a facility. Parents can be confident that with this certification the facility is notified to Tusla, is guided by the Childcare Act 1991 (EArly Years Services) Regulations 2016 and has an adequately structured Montessori Environment. At Montessori Matters we are delighted to be able to offer this assurance to our parents through our certification.


Healthy Ireland Award

We are currently undergoing the process of achieving the Healthy Ireland Smart Start Award